Total no-frost Refrigeration

Keeping food in perfect condition before you prepare it is vital. Bertazzoni fridges use the latest technology to do this simply and efficiently.

Quietly cool

The dual air-cooling system has separate no-frost systems, one each for the refrigerator and freezer compartments, so you can keep both at the perfect temperature, at the same time keeping humidity under control. There is a super freeze mode that uses a variable speed compressor to give you a 20% faster freezing cycle of fresh food.

features / technologies
Excellent food preservation
  • The advanced cooling system keeps the temperature uniform throughout our refrigerators
  • Designed to retain coolness even when the door is opened
  • Incredibly efficient with A+ energy rating for lower energy use
  • As a result, they keep your food fresh for longer
User-friendly storage
  • There’s a place for everything with carefully thought-through shelf placement
  • Great flexibility to store food easily
  • The no-frost system means you never have to defrost the fridge
  • 100% of the space is always available as there is no build-up of ice
100% fresh and hygienic
  • Dual air-cooling system keeps moisture levels low
  • This prevents the build-up of mould and bacteria
  • As a result, there are no bad smells
  • Food retains its natural texture and aroma for longer
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