Bertazzoni Assistant: programmed results

The Bertazzoni Assistant uses smart technology to help you produce perfect dishes again and again. Cooking by desired results means the Assistant automatically manages a precise sequence of cooking functions, temperatures and timings to deliver beautifully baked cakes and deliciously tender roasts.

Accurate and reliable

The Bertazzoni Assistant combines a clever digital programmer and sensitive food probe helping you to set up and monitor the oven perfectly for any recipe. There is no need for the home chef to change any heating mode setting or temperature during the entire cooking process. The Assitant takes care of all adjustments based on the sensor data collected. Digital sensors, placed throughout the oven cavity, control the process with precise temperature control and evenness of cooking. The food probe constantly monitors the temperature at the heart of a dish for even more accurate cooking. The display shows the selected oven functions and cooking duration, along with the real-time temperature in the oven.

features / technologies
Intuitive controls
Intuitive controls
  • Set function and temperature with knobs
  • Access additional Programming options with the LCD or TFT touch interface (XT or LX models only)
  • The Bertazzoni Assistant function pilots the oven through the most appropriate sequence of functions, temperature and time for the type of food being prepared


Guided cooking
Guided cooking
  • The electronic assistant manages a precise sequence of cooking functions, temperature and time
  • Digital sensor-controlled cooking process, with sensors located throughout the cavity
  • Food temperature probe for cooking accuracy
  • Cooking programs deliver perfect results


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